It's been real 2016!

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Dear 2016,

Thank you for giving me so many things! Adventures, new friends, new family, new Fox Fam, amazing memories and more! You've taught me a ton and I couldn't be more excited for 2017!! Please keep some of the terrible trends like using cheetos to contour, denim shoes and chokers, shorts so short, they resemble booty shorts, distractingly tiny clothing at the gym, trying to contour with the weirdest house-hold items...

LASTLY!! Thank YOU. You know who you are, brands and Fox Fam alike, you guys have supported me, liked my shiz, commented, spent your time on my channel and on my social media platforms. That's really amazing. Thank you for sharing yourselves and your lives with me. I can't wait to start 2017 together. I love you guys very much! You're all in my heart <3

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