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If you're thinking this is a little something new for me, you're right! I thought it might be fun to do some restaurant/cocktail/hotel/location reviews since I am lucky enough to travel as much as I do! Each corresponding city, location, hotel, bar etc will be LINKED in the keywords of that blog post, so you'll be able to search them sort of. For instance, if you're in NYC, and you're curious if I've reviewed any places there, you can search "NYC" and everything will come up! Hopefully you guys have fun reading/checking this out. I think they will be fun to create! I am a harsh critic when it comes to aesthetics, location, ambiance, service, taste and especially harsh when it comes to my cocktails! So I apologize in advance if every review isn't as filled with love as I usually am!

 I went ahead and created a quick one the moment I came up with the idea while Ryan and I were at The Patio on Lamont in San Diego! Which you can see a sneak peak of in the last couple minutes of my latest vlog.

The Patio on Lamont!!! I believe they have two locations, one in Pacific Beach (Lamont) & one in Mission Hills (Goldfinch).

The 411 on the atmosphere:
LOVE how the decorated and designed this location, I do prefer the Mission Hills atmosphere a bit more. It's a bit more polished and refined. I'd hang out at the Pacific Beach location on a date that wasn't super promising, but I'd go on a date to the Mission Hills location if I was a bit more serious about it, if that makes any sort of sense at all.

Flies seem to be a large issue at the PB location. They flew around us, and landed on our bodies and food the entire time we were there without relief. I also found a gigantic gnat in my bloody mary, which I just removed and carried on drinking. I suggest they put some traps somewhere to help the issue, as you can't ever fully get rid of gnats and flies when you have an open air theme.

Low down on the food: 
I had the chilaquiles, which I ordered without thinking there might be meat in it. I've never been to a place that has changed the already perfect, meatless plate, by adding meat to it. So I was super sad when it showed up with a good deal of shredded chicken inside. Eep. However, it was my fault for not reading the menu properly. They were super sweet, and got me out a new, chicken free dish within five minutes. I was a little put off by the fact that they charged me $2.00 for a very small portion of avocado, even though I did not want meat, aka the most expensive part of almost any dish, unless there are truffles involved! There also were far too many tortilla chips on the plate, if there had been four or five over medium eggs on the plate, it would have made more sense.

The tea on the cocktails:
I ordered a bloody mary, and as you know, I am a self-proclaimed bloody mary cotnnesiour of sorts! The drink was OK. But it was too mild, and mostly tasted like plain tomato juice. I used to be a bartender and I'm almost positive there was no worcestershire, olive juice, horse radish or any other sort of flavorings in it. They did have a fantastic local hot sauce called "Ghost Scream". The chef's friend makes it! I did add a lot of that to my bloody mary which helped it out of the trenches a bit.

Favorite parts:
Our server was super positive and very sweet. I also really enjoyed the decor!

Least favorite part:
Definitely the flies and the tasteless bloody mary.

See a peek of The Patio on Lamont in the last couple of minutes in the vlog below!

Visit their website:

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  1. The places I saw here are really wonderful, celebrating a special event like this with the beauty of nature is really cool. When you are in this place, there's nothing you can do than to be happy. I really liked New York venues here.