Beginner Brush Kit MUST HAVES

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In this video, you'll find my FAVORITE vegan/cruelty-free brush must haves! These are the top of the top. I also have some discount codes for you guys so you don't break the bank! Royal Brushes is one you can find in Wal-Mart!

CODES: code: KRISTEN + whole site is up to 60% OFF!! You can use my code in addition!
Sigma code: KRISTEN (+ 30% OFF sitewide)
Luxie Beauty code: luxiecyber

Luxie small tapered blending brush
Sigma 3dhd kabuki brush
Furless bc3 brush
Furless mf1 brush
Luxie 504 large angeled brush
Luxie small tapered blending brush
Michaels art brush
NYX #16, #18 brush
Royal large powder brush
Royal complexion bdm185 brush
Royal highlight and glow bmd265
Sigma detailed lip L04 brush
Sigma shader crease brush
Sigma smudge e21 brush
Zoeva 110 face shape brush
Zoeva winged liner 317 brush

Honorable Mentions (but the video would've been even longer!!):
Royal concealer brush
Royal crease brush
Sigma blending e25 brush
Bdellium Tools 781 brush
Luxie angeled blending brush 207
Sigma pencil e30 brush
Urban Decay detailed smudger 212
Sigma mascara fan brush

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1 comment

  1. I love all you videos omg i have to take a day to catch up on them I just started the blog and wow let me say this............I LOVE them all..I thing they are very informative and i just love all..i cant stay enough how BOMB you are...thanks for doing all this and giving us your tips and info....