Apple Watch Bands under $20!

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So recently Ryan bought me an Apple watch and he suggested we go into the Apple store to grab another band for my watch, since it only had the rubber band. We went into the store and we looked at some watch bands. I didn't even ask how much they were because I assumed they couldn't be more than $50 a piece. They didn't have the one in stock that I wanted, and I wasn't super impressed with the options they had available anyhow, so we decided to look on their website later and order from there. As we left, Ryan mentioned the one I settled on was $150!! I almost choked when I heard that. For a simple, not super nice watch band. When we got home, I started looking on Amazon. I thought surely there HAD to be some good knock offs, and maybe even a bigger, better selection, and I was right!

Below you'll find some of my favorites from Amazon that are UNDER $20! Could be fun to give  a special someone the band first for Christmas, and they'll be confused, since they don't have an Apple watch, then the next gift they open would be the Apple watch. My step mom used to do gifts like that all the time and use a numbering system!  :)

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