Urban Decay Spectrum & Vice4 Palette Sneak Peak!!!!

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Ok, HI GUYS! When I was at the UD HQ a couple of weeks ago, I got the sneak peaks of all sneak peaks, they showed me the new Vice4 palette. I was immediately in love with it!! It's full of rich, beautifully crafted colors!! I am currently in Vegas (if you're in the good ol snapchat fam, you already know this!) and I ONLY brought the Spectrum palette with me, it's that good. I would say the ONLY thing that I wish both of these palettes had, but don't, is a brow/inner corner highlight eyeshadow. I would say that is my only critique, but heck, more room for bright, fun colors! Who's going to Tomorrowland this month?! If you enjoy color in general, these are a makeup collection must-have. If I had to choose between the two palettes, I'd grab both out of your hands and run.

Is this how you're supposed to do this?! I've never done swatches like this before. LOL I have no free skin, it's all colored with tattoos!!

ASIDE from receiving these two palettes, I received UD's range of liners meant for your waterline, and for LONG lasting wear! That's not all, I got their new body shimmer, a freakin' Fuji Instax, film, and a love note!

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1 comment

  1. Just got the Vice4 palette and can't wait to play around with it. I love the colours in the Spectrum palette. Is there a release date for it? Are you going to do a first impressions video with it?