Tattoo Tour!

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So this has been long awaited!! I told you guys I would be filming this at 50k subscribers on Youtube, I am WAY over due! I am so sorry! I got really busy and then even BUSIER (is that a word?) with the NYX Face Awards, so forgive me! But finally... here it is! I hope you guys enjoy it... it isn't a typical type of video for my channel, but you guys requested it! PS like my background for the video?! This is the rad roof top pool at our (rented) condo in Playa Del Carmen! :D

Tattoo Artists:
Neck piece: Peter Madsen
Backpiece + knuckle tattoos: Brendan Rowe
Jackalope + "sorry i'm a slut" + mickey skull : Mikey Saratt
Lucille Ball + Elvgren in up + 'wind beneath my wings' + indian: Jeffrey Page
Mermaid: Will Card
Octopus: Bobbi (I honestly cannot remember his last name!! It was so long ago)
Small sun: J Ruby
Diamond and 'forgive' & 'forget': Jim Sylvia
Heinz bean can: Rich
Jelly fish + walrus + ship and shark: Jack Mauk
Bearded lady: Teresa Sharpe
Two headed vulture: Eno
Michelle tattoo: Sung Song
Lost soul: Mike DeVries
SD tribute: David Cotes

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