NYX Face Awards Challenge #3: Mermaid Tutorial

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wow so here it is... our FINAL video challenge! The outcome of this challenge depends ALL on your votes. I feel like this is my weakest video so far out of all 3 challenge videos. I did run into some issues with lighting, which I didn't find out until I was editing, sadly. I also worked with FX wax for the first time, and there's definitely a learning curve with it. So my makeup didn't turn out exactly how I liked, so I apologize for those things! I hope that my entry video will at least bring a smile to your face!

Voting will go until July 31st and you can vote 3 times a day, so please don't forget!
I need YOUR help to make it into the top 6 where I will be competing live in front of you guys for beauty vlogger of the year title!

>>>> Vote here: http://www.nyxfaceawards.com/video/256

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