I'm in the top 30!!! NYX Face Awards - I need your help! #TeamKristenLeanne

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Wow so exciting... I haven't been in the beauty blogger world for long, and I am SO grateful and honored to have been selected as one of the 30 contestants for the NXY Face Awards 2015!!! I'm over the moon excited to be involved. The winner receives many perks, including Beauty Blogger of the Year as well as NYX brand ambassador. Even if I only get top 30, I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity and experience.

On May 29th - my 1st video challenge will be live on www.NYXFaceAwards.com and you will be able to vote THREE times each. You will have UNTIL June 5th to vote. Please see all other posting and voting times below!

There will be THREE challenges. Here is my FIRST challenge: Timeless Beauty... to get voted into the top 20, I will need all of YOUR votes, your friends' votes, your families votes, your boyfriend's and husband's votes etc :P

Here is the tutorial that helped me snag a spot in the top 30!

Thank you so much to everyone and good luck to all of the extremely talented contestants! Happy gaming! :)

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