Wearable, Fun Festival Makeup + Outfit Tips!

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Before I even knew it, we are in festival season! I decided I wanted to be a part of it this year and create a fun, festival look! I took inspiration from this light up head band (www.BrittsBlossoms.com). I couldn't decide on just one color so I ended up incorporating the entire damn rainbow, which I LOVE.

Something that you ALWAYS want to keep in mind when going to a festival is remembering that you need to BE comfortable! You wanna wear makeup that doesn't require a ton of touching up, aka a nude lip, don't wear heavy makeup on your eyelids, heck, you could even skip the fake lashes! When I'm going to be out for a long time, I also really enjoy wearing a beanie, or a headband like this. Why? Because if you're like me, and you wear extensions, there is just some kind of awesome peace of mind that comes along with wearing something that's going to keep your hair IN PLACE, and ain't no one gonna see any of your tracks. #winning!

Okay let's talk OUTFIT. Chances are, it's going to be hot as HECK, so you wanna be comfortable, as cool as possible in both forms of the word :) Here I've put together some fun tie-dye shorts I picked up a resale store that say "I'm young and fun, and I'm here to party"! They're also extremely short, since it's gonna be hot, right? I've paired this with a very thin crop top with a triangle mesh cut out towards the neck. 

For shoes, you've gotta be careful. Make sure you don't choose any shoes that you've never worn before. You're gonna wanna pick some close toed, breathable, broken in shoes. Chucks are always a good bet, they're super comfortable and breathable being that they are made of canvas. 

For nails, I went with something light and sparkly with a fun triangular shape to give it some personality. For festivals, I like to wear a few signature jewelry pieces. You never wanna wear pieces that get caught on stuff, and you never wanna wear TOO much, I find wearing heaps of jewelry quite uncomfortable. So I stick with the basics! A nice large ring that lays flush to your skin, a couple easy elastic bracelets. I'll usually throw a necklace in there too. A necklace that is lightweight and easy to take on and off. 

This headband is hand-made and created by Brittany, www.BrittsBlossoms.com. This specific one lights up!! She's got many to choose from!

Did you think I was gonna skip this one?! Of course not: COLORED HAIR! If you're gonna go all out with your makeup, clothes and your whole attitude, why not finish off your look with some bright locks! As always, I suggest Arctic Fox hair color, it conditions your hair as you color, it's vegan, cruelty-free and we give 15% of profits to charity to help prevent animal cruelty. The colors I currently have in my hair are: Poseidon, Purple Rain, Violet Dream and Virgin Pink. These have all been diluted with Arctic Mist. My hair color artist: www.instagram.com/HairitageSalonCarlsbad

(in order of appearance)

✦ Eraclea moisturizer 
✦ Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
✦ NARS radiant creamy concealer in "custard"
✦ Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation #54 Medium
✦ NARS radiant creamy concealer in "chantilly"
✦ Coastal Scents contour palette
✦ Mustaev "cotton silky loose powder"
✦ Eraclea "ever moist" lip balm
✦ Urban Decay Electric Palette colors "thrash"
✦ Urban Decay Electric Palette colors "fringe"
✦ Urban Decay "free love" eyeshadow
✦ Urban Decay "buck" eyeshadow
✦ Hard Candy eyeshadow duo "peace" (lighter color of the two)
✦ Hard Candy "3 x a charm" highlight set (lightest color)
✦ Urban Decay "secret service" eyeshadow
✦ Kat Von D "tattoo liner"
✦ PUR "big look" mineral makeup mascara
✦ Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics "feathered" white liner
✦ Smashbox "blush rush - charm" blush
✦ Smashbox "glow softlights quad"
- R A I N B OW -
✦ White NYX eyeshadow base
✦ Kryolan red eyeshadow
✦ Urban Decay Electric Palette color "slow burn"
✦ Ben Nye "sun yellow" eyeshadow 
✦ Urban Decay Electric Palette colors "freak" + "thrash"
✦ Urban Decay Electric Palette color "gonzo"
✦ Urban Decay Electric Palette color "urban"
✦ NYX studio liquid liner in "extreme purple"
✦ Sleek glitter eyeliner in "purple"
✦ Obsessive Compulsive "trick" lip liner
✦ Too Faced "melted sugar" lipstick
✦ Monda Studio Professional (Nigel's Beauty) #48s

("no name" brushes are not added here, sorry, I don't know where they came from!)
☛ Ofra #20 brush
☛ MAC #107 brush
☛ MAC #217 brush
☛ MAC #217 brush
☛ Crown Brushes IB105 Tapered Blending brush 
☛ Ofra #11 brush

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