Buying Cheap, Has a Cost!


I am always on the lookout for a good deal. I refuse to spend astronomical amounts on clothing (usually). So I found this site Dress Lily. I have been buying random pieces of clothing off of their site for about 8 months now. Some of you have seen my furry white coat I wore in this video. This is the site it came from. All of their items are inexpensive and look SO CUTE. This is one of the pieces that I snagged from their site, I think it was about $12! Okay, so there's a bit of bad with the good. Well, mostly bad actually. 
You can find really inexpensive dresses and items on their site! You can find some almost exact looking dupes too! You can get away with some of these pieces for photoshoots (like this) or quick events that don't require super comfortable, well fitting clothing. LOL
Their shipping takes a long time. Like... 3-6 weeks, depending on if the item you bought is in stock or not, which they won't tell you, either. The items are often VERY small, as they're made in China. Items often are very cheaply made. As in, one arm whole might be really small and the other might be normal. Sometimes the fabric feels and looks different in person. These are basically the equivalent of samples, usually abut 2/4 of my order is actually wearable out in normal, everyday life. Also their customer service is HORRIBLE. You won't be getting your money back for A N Y T H I N G. So choose wisely, or forever hold your peace.

I think my last order with them will be my final order with them...UNLESS I need a super funky or specific item for ONE thing, whether it be a photoshoot, event or otherwise. SO keep all of that in mind when you shop on their site! 

Photos by Ryan Morgan

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  1. Good to know. I see cute stuff all the time on sites like that and am scared to buy off them. Would love to know which sites you recommend. 💜

  2. Your makeup and hair are everything!!! Love your site and blog! I literally live for your snaps!

  3. Your hair and makeup are everything!! I literally live for your snaps and videos!!! Love it, keep it up girl!