Healthy Snack Ideas + Health & Fitness Benefits of Organic Green Tea

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Okay so here is a peak into some of my healthy snack choices between my meals! (Yep, it's my infamous octopus plates!) I've been asked to create a video of some of my healthy snack ideas, and I do intend to do a series of videos on that, but I happen to be drinking tea and snacking on these things this afternoon and I thought I should make a post about it! I work from home, so my kitchen is 10 feet away from me, at pretty much all times of the day. Which can be a challenge if you're like me, and you aren't even hungry, but you get the hankering to just SNACK. First thing, ONLY keep healthy options in your house until you're ready to face those candy bars calling your name int he pantry! Those are for your cheat day, of course. 

A Bit of my Morning Routine.
I like to get home from the gym, cook breakfast (1 egg, 2 egg whites + 1 piece of toast with 1/4th an avocado, and make myself some organic green tea. This tea today, happens be to be by Yogi. The reason I like to drink tea with my food, is because warm water is good for your body in the sense that it helps kickstart your metabolism and can really aid in weight loss/fat loss. Did you know that drinking cold water with or after food is known to actually harden the oils in the food you ate, which can cause your body to store fat in your inner intestine wall, no bueno. So overall, drinking hot water is good for your body, your digestive system and everything else! Let's see what happens when you throw green tea into the mix.

All About Green Tea.
 Green tea is loaded with nutrients that essentially function as very powerful antioxidants. Green tea also promotes fat loss, which is why I love to drink it in the morning and/or throughout the day. Finishing a HIIT fitness session in the morning (which raises your metabolic rate, which causes you to burn more calories throughout the day) and following it up with a great breakfast and green tea in the morning is a GREAT recipe for a great day. These facts that I've touched are are just the tip of the iceberg. Green tea has many, many health benefits. I encourage you to do some more research and think about adding it to your daily diet!

Healthy Snacks. Tired Much?
I set a timer and eat every 2.5-3 hours, yes, like clockwork! Why? Eating this often ensures that your body gets on a regular schedule and keeps your metabolism going throughout the day. If you're one of those people that only eats a few times throughout the day, I URGE you to change your ways! When you do this to your body, your body goes into "starvation mode". What happens when your body is in starvation mode you ask? Well, for starters, your body automatically goes into a sort of survival mode and hangs onto EVERYTHING. Yep, including fat! Your body is no longer burning calories like it was. It has no idea when it's going to receive more food or water, so it hangs onto all fat and all water, so your body can use it little by little for energy ONLY as it needs it. Another huge issue with this is that you're gonna be TIRED throughout the day. Why? Your body is on a low fuel tank and it thinks you're starving, literally, so it's not using food or fat for energy, or it's using as little as possible. This means you're gonna be sluggish and exhausted throughout the day. Your body NEEDS nutrients every 2.5-3 hours. Eat small bits throughout the day, and snacks in between, HEALTHY snacks. Yep, you've gotta start packing yourself some food! Is it work? Yes! But you know what's worse? Is possibly having serious health problems in the future because you were too "busy" or "lazy" to take care of yourself. Pictured here are a couple of my favorite snacks to munch on between my meals. I've got organic prunes, which are REALLY great for your metabolism and yes, they will make you have a bowel movement most likely :) this is good! I've also got some pine nuts here, 1 tablespoon. Yes, nuts are quite fatty, but they are "good fats". Google has a plethora of info on "good fats" such as the kind avocado has, nuts have etc. I will leave it to you to do some research! But these are super easy snacks to bring with you places, to work, to meetings, on the go, etc. 

I bet you're dehydrated right now.
Did you know that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated? Did you also know that your body confuses dehydration with hunger? Did you know that being dehydrated causes your metabolism to be slowed? Did you know that being dehydrated causes headaches? Crazy and totally lame, but true. Every time I feel like I'm hungry when I shouldn't really be hungry, I grab my water jug  and chug some water. Most times... within 15 minutes, I'm no longer hungry. I drink around 96oz of water a day, room temp. I have a huge jug (linked in my earlier fitness post) that I carry around with me so I can stay on top of how much water I'm actually drinking, rather than trying to use a small bottle and filling it up over and over again throughout the day. It is a lifesaver, literally! Hate the taste of water? I used to as well. I now will either add hot house cucumbers into my water with lemon, or vitamin c crystals (they taste like lemon) or other fruit in with my water to help me get excited about drinking it!

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  1. This advice is awesome.... i try and drink at least 2 litres of water a day but i'm definitely going to start drinking green tea again more often.. i find the taste awful but with bit of lemon included changes everything. Looking forward to seeing more :)