Goodbye Birchbox, Hello Vegan Cuts Beauty Box!

As some of you know, I am transitioning over to ONLY using cruelty-free products! Which is very exciting, but also quite the change! It's proven to be a bit challenging sometimes to seek out and find QUALITY cruelty-free items. That is quickly changing it seems, as companies are seeing how highly requested and sought after cruelty-free beauty products are! Save the bunnies and animals! 

I had been enjoying a Birch Box membership for the past couple of years, and I'm super excited that the folks over at Vegan Cuts have offered me a 6 month membership to try out their beauty boxes! I wanted to take the opportunity and share it with you guys. So together, we will discover some new cruelty-free & vegan products! This will be a monthly video for the net 6 months, I hope you enjoy it!

Let's get into it!

p.s. If you have found some great cruelty-free products that you want to share, please leave them in the comments below or in the comments of my video!

If you would like to try out Vegan cuts yourself, click one of my direct links below!

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  1. thanks for starting this and for being my #wcw every day!

    1. Awe thank you! <3 Thanks for supporting it!

  2. Thanks for this video! :) It made me more aware of the many cruelty-free options available. I already use Essence, Yardley, LA Colors etc. and finding more products was awesome! Trying to go 100% cruelty free right now.

  3. Thanks for this! :) Can't wait to try out more cruelty-free products. I already use Essence, Yardley and LA Colors. Good stuff.